About Pilar



I am “RíoPlatense”, Uruguayan by birth, form Montevideo. I'm also Italian, from Bitonto. Since 1975, I live permanently in Argentina, in the northern area of Greater Buenos Aires, always close to the water, nature and unique colors of the Río de La Plata and the delta that feeds it with the currents of the Paraná river. A landscape as immutable in its beauty as unpredictable in its behavior -like those contradictory situations in our life in which we often find ourselves without understanding very well why or how we got there, but yet, however, as strange as they might seem, we know they are fine, they just must be that way. Where the implicit beauty always prevails over the obvious violence of the tempest, and is revealed to us incorruptible, omnipotent, with the playful incongruity proper to the first rays of a new sun.

Among many contradictions of my already long life, painting is a constant expression that encourages me since very early to permanently pursue theorical and practical studies and to travel abroad to make direct contact with the work of great masters.

At the beginning of the 80s and for several years, I integrate the Acassuso Plastic Arts Group led by María Lúisa Majtan, who introduces me to the exciting ancestral Batik technique, which I still practice in a challenging quest to achieve different color ranges. It is with this Group that I begin to exhibit my work in halls and museums in the North area -Pueyrredón Museum, Bar Association of San Isidro- and participate in salons such as the Esteban Echeverría’s Salon of Autumn in San Fernando, Salon of the Grain Exchange in Buenos Aires federal district, Contest of stains - House of Culture of the historic Tigre’s Hotel, and others in which on occasions my work obtains distinctions.

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In 1999 I present my first individual show and since then many other individual and collective shows, to the present day. Meanwhile my painting evolves on itself, always remaining within Expressionism, transmitting and provoking feelings that ignite emotions in both observant and casual spectators.

As a member of the local Artistic community in Buenos Aires, I am honored to officiate as a Juror of Selection and Awards for Plastic Arts contests - the first time, as a Juror of Selection for the Plastic Arts contest held by the Latin Union chapter in Argentina, and last year for the Bar Association of San Isidro, together with Lucy Matos and Inés Rey.